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Symptoms & Signs to Pay Attention

An addiction self-assessment is a tool designed to help individuals evaluate their behaviors, habits, and patterns related to substance use or addictive behaviors


Loss of Interest

Social Isolation


Digital and Behavioral Addictions

Behavioral addictions are driven by the compelling need to perform actions that provide pleasure or relieve distress. These behaviors often lead to difficulty in controlling these behaviors despite negative consequences. These addictions, including those to gaming, social media or pornography, trigger brain responses similar to substance abuse, making recovery challenging but possible.

Assesment Test

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 Do you feel a loss of control and/or feelings of timelessness when using the Internet or Smartphone?

Statistics & Research

Over the past two decades, the United States has witnessed a profound and concerning trend: a significant increase in cases of virtual addiction. As technology has advanced and become increasingly integrated into daily life, more individuals find themselves struggling with compulsive behaviors related to their online activities

Virtual Addiction

Common Triggers

Identifying what often leads individuals down the path of virtual addiction

Impact on Life

The multifaceted effects of virtual addiction on personal, social, and financial Learn More

The Brain on Digital

How excessive digital engagement rewires the brain, affecting reward and pleasure Learn More

Signs of Virtual Addiction

Key indicators that digital usage has crossed into addictive behavior Learn More

Pathways to Recovery

Highlighting effective strategies for overcoming virtual addiction

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