The first part of reclaiming real-time living is to take control of your phone use.

Try to do other things besides mindlessly and automatically staring into and surfing your phone.

The beeps and buzzes your phone emits are indicators to your nervous system that a possible reward (Dopamine) is around the corner.  Conscious use is your only antidote. Become aware of the neurochemical habit that has you conditioned to reflexively look at your phone and consciously resist that habit.

When you notice you are using your phone in an unconscious way do something different. Read a book, take a walk, talk to real person stand/sitting next to you. Untether that automatic twitch to check your texts or email for the 79th time that day…this will help to create new neurological pathways for your habit which may take a month or two.

Yes, there is an OFF button on your Smartphone! Begin to take control of your use and that means turning your phone off for a while.

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