Greenfield Video Game Addiction Test (GVGAT)

Do you feel a loss of control and/or loosing track of time when using Video Games?


When you are not using Video Games, are you are preoccupied with the Game, (e.g., thinking about, reliving past experiences, planning your next time to use it, or thinking of when you’ll next have access to the Game) ?


Do you find that you spend greater amounts of time on the Video Game to achieve satisfaction similar to your earlier use?


Do you find yourself seeking more stimulating (e.g., exciting, new, more challenging) Video Games?


Have you had repeated unsuccessful efforts to control, limit, or cut back your Video Game or Video Game use?


Do you find yourself restless or irritable when attempting to (or forced to) cut down or stop using Video Games? Game?


Are you using the Video Game as a way of escaping from problems or relieving a bad mood, (e.g., boredom, frustration, anxiety, anger, shame, or depression, etc.)?


After spending what you consider an excessive amount of time on the Video Game, and vowing not to do so the next day, do you find yourself using it again soon after?


Do you find yourself lying to family members, therapists, or others to conceal the extent of your involvement with Video Games? Yes/No


Do you find yourself committing illegal or self-defeating acts related to your use of the Video Game?


Have you jeopardized, impacted, or lost an educational opportunity, relationship or, job because of your use of Video Games?


Has you work or academic performance been reduced as a direct or indirect result of playing video games?


Have you experienced any health problems as a result of your Video Game use?


Do you watch YouTube of other video streams of people playing video games?


If your parent’s, family, or friend take away your computer, tablet, Smartphone, or gaming console do you experience anger or other discomfort?


Have you ever experienced a loss of sleep related to your Video Game use?


Do any of your friends or family think you have a problem with your Video Game use?