Why do we love to text and email so much?

The lines that define Internet use and abuse have begun to blur in that many media and entertainment technologies utilize Internet or web-based access and therefore share many of the addictive elements. The basic psychological factors that account for the addictive nature of the Internet apply to all Internet-enabled technologies, as well many other digital media technologies.  Smartphone’s, PDA’s, Iphones, Ipads, tablet computers, and game systems all rely on Internet Technology and therefore subject to the same potential for abuse and addiction. There are many factors associated with Internet abuse and addiction, including overuse, misuse, and tolerance, and withdrawal, ease-of-access, instant gratification, boundaries, dissociation, disinhibition, and perceived anonymity. Perhaps the most potent contributor is the variable ratio reinforcement schedule that appears to create a slot-machine effect for the Internet and other digital media technologies. The Internet and by extension, all devices accessing it, have become miniature slot machines where we are responding to unconscious reinforcement patterns and expressions of Dopamine.   Texting, email, Facebook—even web surfing all respond to the same principles  We are seeing tremendous changes in how the world stores and accesses information and entertainment; the web has become the World’s hard drive and we are all tethered to the “cloud” as an umbilicus ties an infant to it’s’ mother.

Welcome to Virtual-Addiction.com your Internet and Technology Addiction resource.

Dr. Greenfield

Welcome to the web site of Dr. David Greenfield and The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction, we are dedicated to providing therapeutic services, information, and resources on cyber-behavior, Internet addiction, social media, and problems with all forms of digital technology–at home, school, and in the workplace. We are here to help you restore some balance and regain control of your life which has been affected by over-use and abuse of Computers and the Internet  for sex, chatting, emailing, gambling, gaming, shopping, auctioning, TEXT, IM, etc. The Internet, along with many other portable digital and devices (PDA’s, Cell Phones, etc.) has a healthy role to play in today’s information age. These roles will become increasingly important in our communications, our work life performance, and our social activities.  However , the very nature of the Internet also lends itself to overuse and abuse, encouraging us to exhibit behaviors that are counterproductive, isolating and disruptive to our closet relationships…to ourselves, our families, our employers and the community at large. We also address a variety of other addictions and compulsions including: Sex, Alcohol, Substances, and Gambling. Our treatments include a variety of behavior therapies, psychotherapy , group therapy, and other holistic and alternative medical approaches to assist in:

1. altering/modifying the addiction pattern, 2. preventing relapse, and 3. developing an understanding of the unconscious reasons why we develop our addictions. What we are interested in is to help develop an awareness of what we are REALLY looking for when we log-on and connect on-line. What is it that is missing from our lives or within ourselves that contributes to automated need to numb or distract ourselves? Our addictions and other abuse/over-use behaviors always serve some purpose and make some sense as they are an unconscious attempt to try and heal or hide pain. This process of seeking pleasure or a “hit” from our Internet use or avoiding pain in our lives can become a problem. Our goal is to increase your conscious awareness of your use and/or abuse of digital technology, including computers, Internet, cell phones, PDA’s, and portable and console games devices. The final goal to help us gain control of our technology instead of it controlling us.

Our mission is to provide a forum to educate, train and prevent the negative behaviors that may result from Internet and other digital addictions. . Internet addiction and other abuses s of digital technology van be changed through more conscious computing; this is where we learn to modify and our use patterns and become more aware of how and why we overuse  these technologies. The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction was founded by Dr. David Greenfield, author of Virtual Addiction, clinical psychologist and a leading authority on the Internet addiction and computer behavior.   Dr. David Greenfield provides consultation, workshops and lectures on a variety of Internet and digital technology related topics, including computers, cell phones, PDA’s, portable/console game devices, and MP3 players. He has lectured throughout the United states, Europe, and Asia on the problem of Internet addiction and how digital media technology is impacting our lives. Dr. Greenfield offers treatment and consultative services from his office in West Hartford, CT as well as telephone consultations. We are proud to announce of new lecture series on “Conscious Computing” and “Digital Distraction” to be presented at Colleges and Universities’ and as well to the Business/Corporate community.


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Announcing a NEW TELEPHONE Consultation Service at the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction. We are proud to announce our telephone consultation and counseling service. We have launched this program in response to your requests for help with your questions, concerns, and requests for information and guidance in dealing with computer and online addiction and other Internet, and technology problems. Consultations are arranged by email or telephone on an appointment basis. Consultations are typically 45 minutes in length but we can book as little as 30 minutes. All sessions must be prepaid via credit and receipt can be provided. You can email Dr. Greenfieldto arrange for an appointment or call him at 860-561-8727.WE ARE NOW OFFERING AN OPTION FOR AN INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT FLY-IN or DRIVE-IN PROGRAM FOR INTERNET ADDICTION, ON-LINE SEX ADDICTION,-AND GAMING PROBLEMS. THIS IS A ONE WEEK PROGRAM and it involves a number of therapies and interventions designed to help break the cycle of INTERNET COMPUTER and GAMING problems. Contact Dr. Greenfield for further information: email Dr. Greenfieldor call at 860-561-8727.

Read March 2008 Editorial published in The American Journal of Psychiatry  – calling for full recognition of Internet Addiction as a disorder that merits inclusion into DSM-V . Click here to read full editorial article.

Dr. Dave Greenfield is pleased to announce that he has relocated and expanded his West Hartford location to:

The Healing Center, LLC & The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction

17 South Highland Street
West Hartford, CT 06119

Telephone: 860-561-8727
Fax: 860-561-8424

Email: dave@thehealingcenter.us or drdave@virtual-addiction.com

Please look future information and developments as we offer new services and as our new web site is developed. Feel free to email with any questions or comments.

The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction is a division of the Healing Center, LLC. Copyright by Dr. David Greenfield, 2011. All rights reserved.

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