Real-Time Net Stories from People Who Have Been Impacted by the Internet

Two year long online affair

Thank you for your research, your work, your publications. Feel free to contact me for any surveys or further information, I am eager to assist with my own story. Just as it has helped me immensely to know that I am not the only one experiencing this, just as I have found some measure of solace and understanding in reading the stories of others, I’d appreciate a chance to pass on the assistance. Here we go. I really want to be eloquent and concise as I describe my last two years online, but everything is still so recent and raw. I’ll do the best I can. I had no clue. No informed consent. Looking back, I flinch with embarrassment and humiliation. Yet I am human, we humans do make mistakes, I can survive and most definitely thrive. New to computers, new to chat, new to fantasy role playing games, in this case, vampire fantasy based on the World of Darkness gaming books series. And most definitely new to the huge online world of cyber-sex.

Two years ago, a young man cross the country who is able to present himself as a charismatic, creative, enticing seducer, tugged me into that world. Nearly nightly I was his provider of fantasy cyber. I was hooked quickly on pleasing this young man, he who is himself hooked on cyber sex and porn at large. He cued me as to what would excite him, I fulfilled his requests. Obsessed. When I wasn’t online doing sexual scenes with him, I was thinking up new characters to play, new fantasies. My efforts were elaborate, even involving researching various historical periods and costumes. Lainahtan, the online nick name he used, was already quite the accomplished cyber seeker. Vampire role playing channels were his favored location for grooming and selecting new play mates, but he also roamed various sex and bdsm channels also. Lain had the whole thing down to a science. And his need for cyber seemed almost unquenchable. Periodically I would awaken from the drugged seeming trance and wonder what the hell I was doing. I read up on sexual addiction, on internet addiction, on bdsm, and on abuse. Then I would fall back into that trance once again.

I am emerging now from this two year long online affair. Lainahtan was extremely abusive, still is, I ended up in gasping tears many a night, and still am in great emotional pain. I crave something I am not going to get, completion that includes him, I have to do this on my own. This man is in his early twenties, engaged to be married, his fiancée supposedly does not know what he does on line. And he is online most every single night, seeking cyber or actually engaging in cyber. Lainahtan enjoys violent fantasies, he has quite the vampire fetish, and he guises much of this in pseudo bdsm. Fortunately in my reading I have learned that true bdsm is safe, sane, and consensual, and does not damage either party. What Lainahtan does online is not safe, sane, or truly consensual. He is skilled at dragging his partners further and further into violent sexual online encounters. I was addicted to pleasing him, so I did most anything he wanted, I was able to draw the line a few times. Ideally I would have drawn the line at the very beginning and never ever gotten involved. This young man does not keep his fantasies in character, meaning in this case that sex is written out to “you”…as in….Lainahtan takes you in his arms and sinks his fangs slow into your throat. This of course pulls his partners in further. And yes, this all was for his enjoyment, so he could be aroused, masturbate, and experience orgasm. At times he would interact with me without the pretense of any made up character. Again, this is what he wanted, so I did it. And I knew full well that I was not his only cyber partner.

We never spoke on the phone. We did email each other erotic stories. We chatted at times just a bit about our actual lives, but the focus was always on the sex. When I asked for things that would make my experience more enjoyable he became extremely abusive. Withheld attention, insulted, humiliated, claimed I had motives that I did not, the list is endless. Recently I looked over a book on verbal abuse, there he was. Point by point. I am 43 years old. I know that I have been using my online time as an escape. From physical and mental disability. From loneliness, fear, anxiety, and other human experiences. I am well educated, relatively savvy about psychological matters, yet here I am. Prior to all this I had been in deeply insightful therapy, I’ve worked hard to understand myself and my world. I am a survivor of childhood abuse and even of a destructive cult. To put in plainly, I thought I knew better. I don’t really have an ending yet for this story. Finding new interests and reviving old ones is helpful. Reading books on addiction and grieving provides excellent support. And there is the whole wide world out there, right here, to explore and enjoy. I wish I was free already of this sense of humiliation, this addictive rush of needing to please him still, this sense of failure cause he is so very abusive. Redirected attention, insight, time, and a good sense of humor will certainly help me heal.  As does writing this out and posting it to you. Thank you again for your vital work.

My former spouse is back at it again

Hello Dr. Greenfield. I can’t blame my divorce entirely on the Internet because the problems that blossom when fertilized by the Internet could have blossomed elsewhere. However, the Internet was super fertilizer.

I was the Internet “junkie” in the house. I loved to go into a particular political chatroom nightly and had become a “regular,” knowing all the other “regs”, including who was good, bad, the known room “whore” who cybered w/others and met men in person for sex, etc. (All the gossip in other words).

My husband’s main interest in life besides work was fishing and he was completely uninterested in the Internet. Until, that is, I decided that getting him interested would be something we could do together. Wow, did I NOT know what can of worms I had opened up.

Within 2 weeks, he was hooked. I had described all the “regs” to him and which ones to avoid, etc., including the room “slut”, etc. Unknown to me, he made a beeline to her and other females in the room as well. She gladly took the bait, as did one other who was 2nd choice. I (nor others) would have ever guessed he was looking for cyber on the net. Never before I had any cause to suspect him in any way during our 10 year marriage.

He bought a 2nd computer, had a 2nd phone line installed and began literally living in the computer room. All I am describing occurred within a month. He was slick about it – he said he bought the new computer for me…in reality, he was exasperated having to share airtime with me.

He stayed on the computer from the time he got home until well after I had gone to bed. He ate his meals while on the computer. He became even more snappy toward me and our baby. It became my job to keep the baby away from him while he was on the Internet (cybering by now but still unknown to me)

He was self-employed so it was easy in the beginning to get away with not showing up at work. But, he became so absent at work that his boss actually called him in his office about this. He called from his cell phone while on his way home from work ordering me to get his computer online and ready as he’d be home in a few minutes.

He actually began to disgust me to the point where I spent less and less time on the computer myself. I also noticed that he began looking for me while online (my computer was in another room) and came into my room demanding to know where I was at online and accusing me of “cyberscrewing”. I still hadn’t put the puzzle pieces together but was frankly shocked and somewhat amused at that accusation.

I also noticed during this time, his main cybersqueeze, the “slut”, was sending Instant Messages to me constantly. She did it when he was online (and they were cybering) and also if I got online during the day. I am almost embarrassed to admit I was annoyed by her but thought she was just “lonely” and chatted with her. Her chatting with me was regular “girl talk” about life, our kids, family, husbands, etc. To this day, I still don’t understand her obsession with me during this time.

My husband was getting more and more short tempered with me and more critical. I still didn’t understand it. Then, one day I was checking all our screen names for email and when I went on his screen name, the “slut” immediately flashed an instant message that read ” (HisScreenName, Is this you?) At first I thought, “well that’s dumb, who else would it be on his screen name BUT him?!” Then, like a brick falling on my head, it hit me.

I thought about pretending to be him to see what she would do, but figured if I didn’t pull it off I’d clue them both in. So I was honest with her and said I was on his account checking mail. But by now I was very upset and wondering what to do to find out.

I immediately went to a search engine and put in a few terms such as “adultery”, “online+affairs”, etc., and don’t remember which one brought up a software that takes “screen shots” every 30 seconds – of the entire screen and saves it. I downloaded and installed it on his computer and let it run all night. I also went to bed early that evening.
I also started checking, and found her picture that he had pulled up the night before, along with several “love” and “screwing” type wavs that he had also pulled up and I assume they were sending to one-another to enhance their cybering experience. I was sick to my stomach.

By now, he was sleeping on the couch and only requesting oral sex for himself as any type of physical relationship. And I was no longer complying. Even though I hadn’t figured it out before, my female instincts were exploding red flags now that something was very wrong.

I got up at 4 a.m. the next morning and actually was ashamed of myself for what I had done, sure I wouldn’t find anything. Boy was I wrong. They were indeed cybering and had been for sometime. Additionally, he had moved it out to phone calls from work. I won’t go into detail, but needless to say something hit the fan that day.

I’ll shorten the story even more now. I tried to get us into counseling, but ended up going myself. He went twice and pronounced the counselor/psychologist a “quack”. My counselor over time was very helpful in showing me what an abusive, abnormal relationship I was in. That was the best thing I ever did for myself and my son, now 2.

My husband moved from online to real-time chasing other women, loudly denying it all the while. I will say that the man would stick to a story to then end, even if I found a naked woman underneath him in our bed, he would lookup at me, proclaim I was “insane” and nothing was going on. Yes, I am serious. At least he sticks to his story if nothing else.

It actually took me until now, 1 year later to move out and on with my life. I lost all respect for him and that helped me fall out of love with him. Once the trust is gone, its only a matter of time.

Right before I moved out a month ago, I got back online again and reestablished old friendships. However, my time online is very, very limited. My time is spent with a beautiful 2 year old son whom I adore and who will never have a “dad” in the man who biologically beget him.

My former spouse is back at it again, this time with the #2 choice of last year. She is, from her picture, an attractive woman in her 40′s. But with something very wrong in her life evidently. She spends almost 24 hours a day on the Internet, as does he now. I finally stopped checking to see if they were online. I was only hurting myself and realized I needed to close that chapter in my life in order to heal and move on. He was, and still is, lying to friends and family about both her and the amount of time he spends online. He is once again dropping work and friends as well.

I will say also that our finances are in shambles. I am trying to repair things on my end, the beginning of a long, slow process. My former spouse has chosen to escape farther into fantasyland. If not for his retirement pay from 20 years in the military, I don’t know how I would have got child support for my son, much less his 2 daughters from a previous marriage. As far as his children go, they are nonexistent to him. His love, his needs, his first priority has, and always will be himself.

Well, that’s my story, but the ending is happy on my end. I am going back to college full-time and building a great life for my son and myself. There still is residual anger and hurt. When I think about what he has evolved into, I morn the dreams I had several years ago when I married him. I thought he was larger than life, so handsome, self-assured, brilliant. What I see now when I look at him makes me feel anger, revulsion, pity and wondering why I chose him without seeing clearly. I am working with my counselor to see why I do and chose the way I do. I am growing.

Thank you,

[name removed]

Totally addicted female at age 50.

I would like to know what steps to take to stop being addicted to the internet. I have been online 6 months and am totally addicted to the people on it. I spend most of my day and night on it. It has become my life. I am neglecting my real life friends and its interfering with my children and husband. I would appreciate any advice you could give me. Thanks,

Totally addicted female at age 50.

I was addicted to cybersex, but now am cyberfree.

I wish I would have found your page about a year ago! You see I was addicted to cybersex, but now am cyberfree. I had a 2 year cybersex relationship with a man from New Jersey. Luckily I live in California and distance kept us apart. After 6 months of therapy and antidepressants (which I am still on ) I can now say I’m free of that monkey that was on my back (i.e. chatrooms, cybersex). I just wanted to Congratulate you for a fine web page and keep up the good work. I sent your page to a friend of mine that is addicted. Hopefully she will take the time to look at it.

Thank You, [Name Removed]

36 year old attorney from Los Angeles

Thanks for posting such a valuable web site. I give a talk at my library, and others, about “Guiding Your Child On
the Internet”, getting parents and caregivers to understand that they should work closely with their youngsters and communicate frequently and openly about Internet use. Your web site is a valuable resource for our audiences. Interestingly enough, I’ve heard about plenty of families where the PARENTS are addicted and the children aren’t! I originally thought it would be the other way around. Keep up the research and good work.

I am a 36 year old attorney from Los Angeles and here is my story. . . Approximately a year and a half ago, I started to play an online game called Darkness Falls. I didn’t know how to play the game all that well so a few people started to give me directions and it was very satisfying to obtain their help. One of the male characters began to chat flirt with me. I appreciated his help so much and wanted to continue getting his help so I innocently began flirting back. The flirtations grew and soon enough we were having cybersex while we were in character. I grew less and less attracted to my husband and the Male character became my fantasy on-line husband in game. I began to spend more and more time online playing the game. I felt as though I had fallen in love with this character. My Online Husband and I began corresponding through e-mail and expressed that love for each other and began talking on the phone. I started spending less and less time with my husband and more time being online. Pretty soon I was missing court appearances cause I couldn’t get off the game.

Luckily for me, my online husband after a year and a half dumped me. My god it was the worst feeling in the world. I felt like I had lost everything in the world that mattered to me. I left the game because I hurt so much.

Then I started reading some stuff on the internet about internet addiction and One guy talked about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. I began to see how the Internet and this game in particular was an efficient means of meeting a number of those needs. First of all you have socialization. In this game it is common for people to play together for three years and know each other just from the game. But you become like family to the game and you begin to care about these people characters as if they were real. Secondly it feeds into a need for accomplishment. Each day you play your character you get more and more experience and your levels go up slowly but surely and as you attain a new level you get more skills and abilities. So you feel like the more you are there the more you accomplish. Third, freedom from fear. . . No one sees who you are, you can be anyone you want to be and if you don’t like how you turned out, you create a new character and start again.

I’m telling you if you talked to more of the players of this game, and I’m sure Everquest and games like it, you would see that these internet games are far more insidious than any chat room. There is so much this game or any like it taps into.

Thank you for your time and interest

I ended up spending up to 8-15 hrs at a time online playing this game.

This is very interesting and I was surprised that there was even a site dedicated to this topic. Anyways here is my story. My friends and I were starting post graduate education in the health field and had always been interested in fantasy role playing games like. He suggest actually initially that we both buy this new online role playing game (r.p.g. for short) because it was getting rave reviews from all the gaming magazines and online gaming sites. I agreed and we both bought the game.

I was actually off of school due to financial reasons but finished my first 2 yrs of didactic education in the basic sciences. I ended up being out of school for about a year and four months time period wise. The game I purchased was everquest. It was a captivating game. Great graphics and interaction with other players. This game was like many other games you could purchase and play on your computer but the it was like a combination of a computer game and chat room. Also you could set up guilds with people you got to know and talk through guildchat channels. The difficulty level of this game was set up so you couldn’t level up quickly also so it took quite a bit of time to play to level your characters.

Initially the fun and allure of this game was being able to play and explore this virtual world with your real life friends. It was very entertaining and fun. Part of the allure also was leveling up your character and getting strong enough to get neat new weapons, armor and items that enhanced the effectiveness of your character in battling monsters. It was very rewarding leveling up as slow as it was because your character attained new spells and abilities. Also it was exciting to explore new areas and go to new places. To give you an idea how large this game world is, it could conceivably take you about 5 minutes to travel across one zone or area if you knew where you were going. If the place or destination you wanted to go to was far away it could take you up to 90-120 minutes to get there.

This game was so captivating that I ended up spending up to 8-15 hrs at a time online playing this game. I was off of school so this was possible for me. There were actually times when I spent about 30 hrs online. You may think this is crazy but its true. I have met friends and players who have spent 48 hrs playing this game. Its that addicting. You may ask how does one spend this much time online and what do they do. Well you can gain experience and level your character up. This is strong motivation to play a lot since your character becomes more powerful with each level they gain. Also there are rare monsters that spawn in the game that drop very nice armors and items which are very coveted. When you spend a lot of time waiting for a rare monster to spawn (appear) this is referred to as camping a spawn. I myself have camped for many items. There were also long quests that were available to be done by talking to various non player characters (npc’s). In addition when you reach high levels there are areas that you can only enter when you reach the IV of 46 known as the planes. There are currently 3 planes known as the plane of fear, sky and hate. There are also dragons in this game.

To kill the monsters in the planes or dragons, it can take the coordinated efforts of 30-50 on line players to accomplish. The allure of taking on these challenges is that these monsters drop very nice items that are class specific and no drop. What I mean by class specific is that there are different classes. you can be a wizard class, or you can be a warrior class. Also since these items were so coveted you had to go on these raids a few times to acquire them. To give you an idea of how difficult the areas are, typically a plane can take a group of 24-30 on line players anywhere from 12-22 hrs to finish. Dragons raids can take anywhere from 4-12 hrs. In dragon raids if it is successful it will take 4-6 hrs. If it is not it can take 12 plus hours because of something called corpse retrieval. When you die you appear at where you were last bound at. Typically you will be at the nearest city. But you will not have any of your equipment, or weapons. You have to get your equipment before you have been online 24 hrs or your corpse disappears and you lose all your stuff. Also if a strong monster such as a dragon in the raid was not killed because all 30 people died, this could pose problems.

I played this game for about a year and spent about 90 days of real life time online. I started school again and found it difficult not to play. I found myself playing this game into the early hours of the mornings during school days and was going to class very tired. Luckily fear was a very good motivator when exams were close and I managed to stop playing when I really had to study. After my first quarter in I realized this game was a problem because I was playing this game too much and not studying. Luckily I didn’t fail any classes that first quarter I returned to school and I was blessed with good test taking skills and ability to study pertinent points which I felt were important. I didn’t do phenomenal in the classes but I was relieved I passed everything.

Its interesting because about 2 months before I returned to school, close friends I had met in the game were quitting Everquest. One friend had quit because he said he had spent 3 months playing this game and he wasn’t willing to sacrifice anymore time with it. He said real life was more fun. Another friend actually was playing with her husband. They both quit Everquest also. They said this game was too addicting and took up too much time. They were sacrificing time they could have spent with their family so they had decided to quit. A real life friend of mine quit playing this game because he had to take his national medical boards part 2 and he had to study for it. A second real life friend deleted his character that was level 50 (the maximum level that was attainable at the time). He said the game was taking up too much time. There is an option to check how much time in the game you have played. He started the game 4 months after me and it said he had spent 125 days online. Its funny when I asked him why he quit. He said with humor “that game is Satan.”

I myself haven’t quit the game of Everquest yet, but decide to break away from the game for at least a month. I have stopped playing this game for about 3 days now which is actually an accomplishment because I was spending over 6 hrs a day playing it.

What made me stop playing this game you may ask? Three days ago at four in the morning I was laying awake in my bed thinking what am I doing and where is this leading. After some thought I realized I was compromising my future of having a nice job and earning a nice income. My soul literally shivered and my heart skipped a beat when I thought about the consequences of getting kicked out of school and wondering what I would do if I got kicked out of this profession. I got out of bed next and uninstalled the game from my computer and decided I was not going to play this game for at least a month. One of the hardest things I had ever done.

I have been in my terms everquest clean for about three days now. Its hard not playing. I didn’t realize how addicting this game was. Every day I think about playing this game. Its even harder now since Everquest came out with an expansion which implemented the maximum level to lv 60 and put in new lands monsters and items. I think I will be having the withdrawal symptoms for about another week since I got into the habit of playing this game so much. I miss my eq (everquest for short) but its for my own good that I don’t play. I uninstalled the game from my computer 3 days ago but I did not cancel my account or delete my character on their database. Although I didn’t contemplate deleting my character 3 days ago, I am thinking of doing it now possibly in a month after I have been away from the game.

Its interesting that I could have become so immersed in this game which is basically just numbers and programmed code. I think the allures and dangers of addiction in this game and games like it lie the fact that it satisfies many needs. There is social interaction, and there is challenge in gaining levels and new weapons and equipment that make you more powerful. Also there is group cooperation of accomplishing large tasks of going to the planes and slaying powerful monsters like dragons. And there is also the gratification that you receive when you accomplish quests, gain levels and items. There is also the cheap entertainment factor of spending hours on end in this virtual world for just ten dollars a month.

I hope my story helps with the research and anyone else who has discovered they are addicted in cyberspace. Pulling away is hard but think of the overall picture, your goals and where you want to be and also the consequences. Also it helps to have a support group of sorts. I still email my friends that quit and talk about eq and how hard it is to not play. I now spend my days in class and evenings getting back into the regimen of studying faithfully in the evenings. I think I am fortunate that I recognized the problem and was able to admit I had one and had some will power to stop myself. This is like a 12 step program of AA. Healing starts with recognizing and admitting there is a problem. I am not an alcoholic or ever have been one. I am familiar with it because I was required to attend some meetings in a class I was taking. Wish me luck on breaking this addiction. I think I will make it. I hope my story will help others to avoid a tragedy in their lives. I feel fortunate I met friends online who recognized the problems and that I saw the red flags and was able to avoid my tragedy so far.
You may use this article for your research just don’t stick my email address in the paper or on the website if you decide to post my story. Best of luck to you doc and I hope your pioneering efforts in this field help people to see the dangers and addictions of cyberspace. Its pretty scary when you think about how a video game can disrupt everyday life.

[Name Removed]

So much of what I read on your website is true…

Dr. Greenfield, I’m sorry to see so many people put your web site down. But then I guess they have never been addicted to cybersex. So much of what I read on your website is true and how do I know this because I was one of those people. I ate, slept, worked and drove thinking about nothing but cybersex. I applaud this Doctor for finally having the nerve to address this problem. If you don’t understand it then you probably have never walked in the shoes of a cyber addict.

Thanks Again, G.K.

Thank You, [Name Removed]

I have been very leery of this place…called cyber-space.

Glad to have found you! I have been very leery of this place…called cyber-space. I was married 20 years…my husband could not discuss this issue…I found his secret place….here on the internet…he walked out a year ago and left me…went back to his country. I am in need of this type of place…once again, thank you for being here.

I feel this is his escape from the reality of our relationship.

Dear Dr. Greenfield,

I am 38, white, and female. The person I’ve been with for 20 yrs is 61 and white. We have been together a long time. Our relationship began to deteriorate many years ago, but I don’t want to give up on it. It’s too long a story to tell you about, but I have my own issues to deal with, as I am not a perfect person. The person I live with became enamored by the computer over two months ago. I tried to get him to use it, as I’ve had it for almost two years. I’ve tried to show him things, but to no avail, he just wasn’t interested. Finally, he found, and in it had Hearts games you can play. Well, that was the beginning of the end. On March 9, 2000, he was so obsessed with playing that day, he couldn’t get the aol screen to come back and I told him to “maximize” the box. He didn’t know what that meant, and I hit it, but accidentally clicked off aol. Well, you would have thought the world was going to end. “How could you do this to me? I’m in a rated game. What are these people going to think, etc.” I started laughing because I wanted to make light of the situation.

I went outside to work in the yard and he came out and begged me to come in. It was imperative to get back to his game. Long story short, he found a way to get back on, but from that point on, he told our neighbor how I “sabotaged” his game. He has been online now with his “new friends” for over two months, hours and hours a day. He is retired, so he can spend as much time as he wants. He has given our number out to these “friends.” A woman called here three weeks ago frantic, leaving a msg. saying “can you pick up, can you pick up?” Of course he was on the computer, and he came running in the bedroom and I said “who was that?” I was concerned, because this woman was frantic sounding. Later on the phone rang again and it was she. I picked up because he kept saying he “had it.” A red flag popped up in my head. I picked it up and lo and behold it was the woman who called earlier. She was calling from England and wanted to let him know she couldn’t get online to play because her screen was frozen. I just couldn’t believe it. I’m thinking, these people have no life!!! So I confronted him and he said yes, it was the same person who had called earlier.

The you-know-what hit the fan that night, because all day long, I’m thinking, he’s spoken to this woman before. That night I confronted him and asked if he had spoken to her before and he said yes, an I went off the deep end to put it mildly. He said because our relationship was in dire straits, it was none of my business whom he spoke to. That’s when I really lost it and started cursing him and acting like a wild woman. I was definitely having an anxiety attack. So, from the very moment of the “sabotage” I have been living in hell, not knowing what to do. He tells me what I experienced was a “jealous rage.” I checked with aol billing and found he’s been on the computer for 10 hrs, 11 hrs, 12 hrs, etc. since March. I printed it out and showed him, but he refused to see it, because he said he is not online that much. He said he walks away and comes back. I told him aol clicks off after staying idle for so long. He says it doesn’t do that with him.

Dr. Greenfield, I know I am not perfect. I feel this is his escape from the reality of our relationship. How can I convince this good man, who is a caring, warm human being, that he is consumed by this game and these people? He is giving people advice online, and talking to them on the phone. I don’t think this is normal. He has always been a “caretaker.” That’s what he loves to do. I have my own demons to address, like I said. I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder two years ago, and did get help, but I’m wondering if my panic attacks were caused by my inability to deal with this relationship. As I said, our relationship has been rocky for some time. I don’t want to give up, but this latest drama poses more space between us. I know I overreact, and take responsibility for that, but when I’m blamed for the debacle of this relationship, I’m sorry, I refuse to take 100% of the responsibility. I’m wondering if this is a “man thing.” Okay, I’m going on.

I’m just extremely frustrated. My dad was an alcoholic, and I went to Al-Anon, and learned coping skills to deal with it, and I’m telling you, he’s is using this game excessively. He says allot of times, he just like to go online and “talk” to these “good friends.” I told him last night he was escaping me, and he said at least he has more fun with them than I. I am willing to work on this relationship, but how can I compete with a computer? Anyway, any suggestions? I know, you’ll probably tell me go get into therapy, but I think we both need it. When you’re told you’re the one who really needs the help, it is very hard for me to swallow. Thank you for any info you can give me. I really enjoyed your web page.

Sincerely, [Name Removed]

But I know I have a problem, it’s been a year in the chat rooms for me.

Hello my name is karen and I’m very addicted to the Internet, my husband is out of the house. But I know I have a problem, it’s been a year in the chat rooms for me. I’m finding it hard to give up…Your info. in here is so interesting I failed a few of the tests. Very interesting reading, I came across it by looking for internet addiction. And glad I I am seeking help next week. So wish me luck ok thanks for all the info, bye for now.

I am becoming a computer-widow.

Dear Dr. Greenfield, I have bought and started to read your book and so looked up your website. Have spent all morning printing out! My husband is in dire need of this information as I am becoming a computer-widow. I would like to receive email on this topic. Sincerely, Diane.

Dr. Greenfield and The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction are conducting ongoing research on the topic of Internet use and addiction. If you have personal experiences you would like to share about the Internet, or have stories on how the Net has impacted you’re life (positively or negatively) please e-mail or fax your story to me. Your information may be used in our research or publications and will be modified to protect your privacy. By sending such information or stories you are hereby granting The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction limited authority to utilize and possibly publish this information.

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