Professional Resources On Internet Addiction

Dr. Greenfield offers a variety of lectures, workshops and professional resources on internet addiction and technology abuse for business professionals. Our programs include:

  • Professional Training on Internet  Addiction and Technology-Enabled Problems

This workshop is offered as training for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Mental Health Professionals and Addictions Counselors in the assessment and treatment of on-line addictions. It is offered in a 3-hour and full-day format. Also covered is the abuse of digital devices such as smartphones, iPads/tablet devices, video game consoles and portable game/musical devices. Special attention will be paid to the most common forms of Internet and Digital problems, such as sex (including pornography and cyber sex), gaming (including MMPORG’s, game consoles and hand-held devices) and on-line gambling. Other issues to be covered will include shopping, auctioning, excessive emailing and compulsive surfing.

  • The Business of Technology

This program is designed to educate employers and managers on the issues associated with the use and abuse of all digital technologies, including the Internet, smartphones and other similar devices. Special attention will be paid to managing technology abuse and addiction, EAP issues and resources, and educational and preventative measures to decrease Internet and computer abuse in the workplace.

  • SafetyNet (R) Community Educational Programs

Offered to educate parents, teachers and educators on Internet, computer and digital technology abuse and safety. Topics include:

• Education of parents and guardians on all the current technologies to avoid having your children know more than you do.

• How to protect children and adolescents from potentially dangerous or harmful situations.

• How to set and enforce appropriate limits and boundaries on all screen technologies – like smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, IM/Text and portable gaming devices.


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Links to Published Articles

Abstracts covering Dr. Greenfield’s research on the impact of Internet access in the workplace are available here:

Lost in Cyberspace – The Web at Work


Professional Reviews

As Dave Greenfield astutely recognizes, the Internet is neither the perfect global village envisioned by cyber-utopians, nor the destructive realm of immorality described by doomsayers. Rather, there is both promise and peril in cyberspace, and Dr. Greenfield’s eminently readable book offers sage (and often humorous) advice for the average user on how to maintain a happy and balanced life both on-line and off.

–Paul Schiff Berman, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut School of Law

“While recognizing and sharing his own need to keep his Internet and family life in balance, Dr. Greenfield offers practical and therapeutic suggestions for how we can stop. Not only is this book a must-read for those feeling out-of-control and not knowing where to turn, but it should also be required reading for those about to log onto the Internet for the first time.”

–Rand Holman, MBA, Market Analyst & Researcher, freelance business and technology writer

“The power of the Internet combined with the seductive nature of cybersex presents a unique breeding ground for addictive behavior to flourish. It is imperative that our culture understand the importance of utilizing this new medium with balance and perspective in order to maximize the beneficial potential of cyberspace. Dr. Greenfield has presented us with an excellent and much-needed resource to help web surfers avoid Internet pitfalls as well as climb out of virtual addiction for those already cyber-trapped”

–Donna Rice Hughes, author of Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace, Vice-President of “Enough is Enough, and Commissioner for Child Online Protection Commission

“As the phenomena of the Internet continues to explode and permeate every aspect of people’s lives, the concerns about misuse and overuse grow. Dr. Greenfield covers a variety of questions that online users may have about their Internet patterns and provides practical guidelines to help them ascertain whether they have a problem, and if so, steps they can take. The book is a must for those who fit this category, those questioning whether they do, and their loved ones.”

–Al Cooper, Ph.D., Clinical Director, San Jose Marital and Sexuality Centre and Training Coordinator, Counseling and Psychological Services, Stanford University.


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