Videos featuring Dr. David Greenfield

Dr. Greenfield has been interviewed by numerous national TV networks, including NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News, and others. Here are a few of his notable videos.




Huff Post GTA2

Huffington Post panel discussion — Growing up ‘GTA’ (Grand Theft Auto); How violent video games may affect this generation


CBS Early Show 2010 Dr. David Greenfield on Text Addiction


NBC NEWS Fear of Missing Out and Smartphones, Facebook, and Technology, FOMO





NBC’s Today Jan. 2013 What does your email inbox say about you?



Dr Dave on NBC TODAY Show – March 1st 2008

CBS This Morning 2012 Dr. David Greenfield on Nomophobia



Psychology Education on Internet Addiction


Dr. David Greenfield, Grand Rounds on Internet, Technology & Smartphone Addiction


Dr David Greenfield talks about how the Internet is the World’s Largest Slot Machine

Interview with Dr. David Greenfield on Internet and Gaming Addiction


Internet and Technology Addiction Interview of Dr. David Greenfield



Smartphone Addiction with Steven Lee from Tech Explosion


Dr. David Greenfield on ABC’s Good Morning America

Public Service Announcements

Lighthearted looks at the problem of digital addiction.

Public Service Announcement from with bell.

Public Service Announcement in the shower from