Electronic Etiquette in the Digital Age

By Dr David Greenfield

A New Normal

Americans have not as of yet decided how to deal with the incursion of portable digital technologies into our everyday public life. We are only now just beginning to address the intrusion these devices can and do create in our public places and spaces, and we are only now starting to develop new social norms on how and when we use them.

How to be Present and Simultaneously Absent

The problem with all these portable technologies (mainly Smartphones) is that the freedom they afford us in unfettered access creates a public statement that: “Where I am and what I am doing now is not where I actually am or want to be”. In short, all these technologies in effect shift time and space. A rather disconcerting feeling is communicated indirectly when we are in a public space yet seem to be connected […]

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Five Tech-Free Snow Day Activities!

blanket fort

Since most of the schools here in the New England area are closed today, we wanted to share five fun snow day activities that don’t involve technology! Instead of turning to the computer or T.V. and zoning out today, we invite you and your kids to get creative and have some good ole fashion family fun!

  1. Bundle up and check out some snowflakes! Bring a microscope and dark fabric along and discover that no snowflake is alike. (Parents Magazine shows you how)
  2. Play some of your favorite board games! Let everyone pick their favorite game to play and then let the winner decide the next snow day activity.
  3. Bake a wintery snack! Here are six Easy Cookie Recipes provided by the moms at Popsugar
  4. Make a blanket fort, and perhaps some pirate costumes to go along with it! Follow these how-to steps by the art of simple, or simply make it up as you go along!
  5. Enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate and read some of your favorite book! An adventure to your favorite fairy […]
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