Marital and Relationship Bootcamp


Even the best of relationships can suffer challenging experiences.   For many, these challenges are met with a breakdown in communication, pointless and endless arguments, resentments built, and in many cases, the end of a relationship that might have been salvageable.  Dr. David Greenfield, using Solution Focused Therapy Imago Therapy, and EMDR® as well as traditional psychotherapeutic techniques, has created a bootcamp for couples.


  • Experience a renewed feeling of intimacy and connection in your marriage or relationship.

  • Achieve greater marital and relationship satisfaction.

  • Discover your unconscious wounds that influence and limit your ability to connect and be intimate.

  • Learn to to become a part of each other’s life and apart from one another with ease and comfort.

  • DEVELOP A CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIP and stop acting out old defensive and painful patterns…

Do this in a private, compassionate environment over the course of 2-full days (approximately 16 hours, or the equivalent of 20 sessions!) with Dr. David Greenfield, Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 24 years of experience.  You can do in 2-days what might take months using conventional weekly sessions. This is  personalized and intensive Psychotherapy experience intended to provide a jump start to achieving significant personal and relationship growth.

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