CyberSexual Abuse Test (CAT)

This 12 question CyberSexual Abuse Test is designed to measure the level of your use or dependence on digital or virtual contact, relationships and intimacy.

1. You find yourself spending an excessive amount of time in online chat rooms, particularly in rooms having to do with sex or romance, or in private chat rooms engaging in subtle or explicit or sexual conversations and/or cybersex.


2. You tend to find yourself gravitating towards one or more individuals with whom you have regularly scheduled, or frequent unscheduled contacts with.


3. You find yourself becoming more depressed, isolated, shameful, or lonely as you spend more time online.


4. You have made numerous attempts to have off-line or real-time contact with individuals on the Internet, either by telephone or personal meeting and these meetings or phone conversations involve sexual discussion and/or actual physical sexual contact.


5. You find yourself hiding information from your spouse, significant other, friends, or family, regarding the amount of time and/or your activities on the Internet. In other words, you find yourself being secretive about the nature and the extent of your use. Your secrecy may be followed by bouts of shame or guilt.


6. You accidentally come upon a sexually stimulating situation on the Internet (pornography, cybersex, chat rooms, personal, web cam sites, etc) but now you find yourself actively seek it out each time you log onto the Net.


7. You find yourself having constant thoughts about using the Internet for purposes of making sexual connections and/or fulfilling your social and interpersonal needs.


8. You find the anonymity, intimacy, disinhibition, and lose of time while having online sexual interactions to be more stimulating and satisfying than your real- time sexual, romantic, or intimate relationships.


9. You find it difficult to stop going online and feel compelled to do so on a daily basis and you may have made commitments not to go online or to access sexual sites and you find yourself doing so anyway.


10. You experience guilt or shame about your use of the Internet.


11. You engage in masturbation fantasy or active masturbation while on line, at times to the exclusion of sex with your partner or spouse.


12. You find that those significant individuals in your life, including spouse, friends or family are becoming troubled with the amount of time and/or energy you are devoting to the Internet. For example your husband, wife, or children, or other significant persons in your life are complaining about your absence due to the excessive amount of time you’re spending on the Net.




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