6-10% of Smartphone Users Display Signs of Internet Addiction

multiple_devicesWe’ve all experienced some of the social and interpersonal disruptions brought on with smartphone overuse; fewer face-to-face conversations, greater distractions, and a certain “hyper-vigilance” an inattention brought out with the anticipation of incoming text messages and phone calls. And all too often, what used to pass for manners and common courtesy has fallen by the wayside.

With smartphone usage in developed countries like the U.K. hovering around 71% of all households, the problem of smartphone overuse isn’t going away anytime soon. This recent story from TechRadar.com features interviews with Dr. David Greenfield and psychologist Phil Reed of Swansea University and sheds some new light on the subtle, insidious addictive qualities of smartphone use.

App addicts: has your smartphone become a drug?

The complete story from TechRadar.com is available here:


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Dr. Greenfield Interviewed by Tech Radar

Cuddling_with_multiple_devicesThe compulsive (and frequently mindless) use of smartphones is a growing worldwide problem. Dr. Greenfield was recently interview by Tech Radar in the U.K. on this topic. Here is an excerpt from his interview with Simon Hill:

“It doesn’t matter where you are these days – people are being rude in a way they didn’t used to be. Ignoring you in the car or at a restaurant. Annoying everyone in the cinema. Blanking you at a party.

Look around and you’ll see why: there’s a good chance you’ll see at least one person using a smartphone. You might be reading this on one right now.

Smartphone penetration in the UK stands at 71% as of March this year according to data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech (with similar numbers in developed nations around the world) and that figure is still rising.

People take their smartphones to bed with them, lay them on the table as they eat, and even take them into the toilet.

The manners passed down from generation to generation are being forgotten in a Tweet. It’s not unusual for people to pull a […]

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Our new Smartphone Abuse Test is now online.

iphone + handIn response to numerous requests from our readers, we just created a new online quiz that can help you determine if you are overusing or abusing your smartphone.  Although these devices are wonderful tools for communications, productivity, and fun, their overuse may create an unhealthy imbalance in your life.

This short quiz takes less than five minutes to complete and can help you determine if you need to change your smartphone usage patterns:

Smartphone Abuse Test

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New Interview on Radio MD: Are You Addicted to the Internet?

RadioMD InterviewI was recently interviewed on RadioMD on a range of Internet related topics including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and smartphone addiction. The host of the show, Melanie Cole, MS and I discuss why cell phone and Internet addiction are on the rise and what treatment options are available.

You can find this interview posted on the RadioMD web site here:

Are You Addicted to the Internet? From the show: Staying Well

You can also listen to the full interview on this same page by clicking on the “Listen Now” button.

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