1303, 2014

New Interview on Radio MD: Are You Addicted to the Internet?

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RadioMD InterviewI was recently interviewed on RadioMD on a range of Internet related topics including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and smartphone addiction. The host of the show, Melanie Cole, MS and I discuss why cell phone and Internet addiction are on the rise and what treatment options are available.

You can find this interview posted on the RadioMD web site here:

Are You Addicted to the Internet? From the show: Staying Well

You can also listen to the full interview on this same page by clicking on the “Listen Now” button.

503, 2014

Behind the Scenes of ‘Candy Crush Saga’

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With revenues of $1,884,301,000 for 2013 (yes, that’s 1 Billion $ with a capital B), gaming producer King Digital Entertainment is basking in the success of its gaming sensation ‘Candy Crush Saga’. Although game play is free for starters, gamers must wait 30 minutes to advance to the next level, pay a small fee to King Digital, or ask their Facebook friends for “support”.

For some users, however this “small fee” adds up to big dollars, as was the case for Alie Badillo (in the photo) who dropped $1000 last year on Candy Crush.

The online Blog Mashable recently did an expose covering the behind the scenes story of some ‘Candy Crush Saga’ video gamers and asked me for my opinion on this new gaming phenomenon.

You can read the complete story here:

These People Are Making the Creator of ‘Candy Crush’ Rich

1312, 2013

Violent Video Games: The Cultural Ethic of Violence

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say no to violent video games

Violent Reaction

We seem to love violence in our culture.  We entertain with it.  We advertise with it on the news. We act almost as if violence is desirable—but of course it isn’t. We play video games that teach us how to improve our killing skills. In a digital world clamoring to obtain our moment of focused attention, it seems that only the extreme rises to the top of our consciousness.  What of the fact that Americans seem to have a love/hate affair with violence? After all, our country was founded on violent political overthrow and our constitution (as we are hearing all too often these days) guarantees the right for all of us […]

1012, 2013

Five Tech-Free Snow Day Activities!

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blanket fort

Since most of the schools here in the New England area are closed today, we wanted to share five fun snow day activities that don’t involve technology! Instead of turning to the computer or T.V. and zoning out today, we invite you and your kids to get creative and have some good ole fashion family fun!

  1. Bundle up and check out some snowflakes! Bring a microscope and dark fabric along and discover that no snowflake is alike. (Parents Magazine shows you how)
  2. Play some of your favorite board games! Let everyone pick their favorite game to play and then let the winner decide the next snow day activity.
  3. Bake a wintery snack! Here are six Easy Cookie Recipes provided by the moms at Popsugar
  4. Make a blanket fort, and perhaps some pirate costumes to go along with it! Follow these how-to steps by the art of simple, or simply make it up as you go along!
  5. Enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate and read some of your favorite book! An adventure to your favorite fairy […]
212, 2013

Kids, Limits, and Boundaries around Internet and Digital Media Use

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parent monitoring child's computer useOne of the chief factors involved here is the reversal of general hierarchies and boundaries in the family; for the first time in history kids know about a topic better than their parents and this creates and knowledge (and therefore power) imbalance in the family system; for our kids, whom I call Generation-D, this technology, is like a toaster is to those of us who were not weaned on digital media and video game technology. This lack of knowledge can be a complicating factor when parents attempt to understand or intervene with their children’s Internet and video game use. Specialized treatments are necessary and appropriate for those children, adolescents, young adults, as well as adults, to address this growing problem. Although more research is clearly needed, […]

910, 2013

What is Cyber Bullying?

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Cyber Bullying be easily accomplished online as the Internet affords an indirect (non-confrontational) method to express a variety of emotions without actually facing the person; I call this threshold reduction and it is a hallmark of why the Internet promotes cyber bullying so easily. There is no one to look at in the eye or to face when bullies make these comments and the Internet medium creates a sense of disinhibition, which along with threshold reduction make it fertile ground for the damaging effects of cyber bullying; and this is further amplified by the fact that the Internet implies indirect intimidation. Cyber bullies often utilize Facebook as an ideal platform. Facebook is the world’s largest peer-comparison platform. People are both attracted and repelled to it, but everyone uses and sees it. Facebook and other social media outlets including You Tube, Instagram, Twitter and others make it too easy for anyone to broadcast, without permission, anything they want about anyone they want. This power is far too intoxicating for many bullies, and far too damaging some the their victims of such destructive postings.

What is cyber Bullying? It can include social exclusion, social comparison and competition, defamatory statements, and/or sexual harassment. The […]